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Recording media for Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast, hiding discontinued media

Sadly, I found no recording media which complied with your set support filter. But since I don't like to show nothing, I'll just list all items.
Brand Series Capacity Support Price
Super Talent CFast Pro 16GB
Super Talent CFast Pro 32GB
KingSpec CFast 32GB
Delock CFast 32GB
Super Talent CFast Pro 64GB
Transcend CFX600 64GB
Atomos CFast 1.0 64GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 A 64GB
Komputerbay Professional 3600x 64GB
Komputerbay Professional 3400x 64GB
Komputerbay Professional 3700x 64GB
KingSpec CFast 64GB
Delock CFast 64GB
FreeTail Evoke CFast x3700 64GB
Super Talent CFast Pro 128GB
Transcend CFX650 128GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 128GB
Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 A 128GB
Atomos CFast 1.0 128GB
Wise CFast 2.0 3400x 128GB
Wise CFast 2.0 2200x 128GB
Biwin CFast 128GB
Komputerbay Professional 3700x 128GB
Komputerbay Professional 3600x 128GB
Komputerbay Professional 3400x 128GB
Delkin Cinema 128GB
Hoodman Steel CFast 128GB
EgoDisk Pro CFast 128GB
Delock CFast 128GB
FreeTail Evoke CFast x3700 128GB
Angelbird AVpro 160GB
Angelbird AVpro 240GB
Transcend CFX650 256GB
Transcend CFX600 256GB
Wise CFast 2.0 3400x 256GB
Biwin CFast 256GB
Komputerbay Professional 3700x 256GB
Komputerbay Professional 3600x 256GB
Komputerbay Professional 3400x 256GB
Delkin Cinema 256GB
Super Talent CFast Pro 256GB
EgoDisk Pro CFast 256GB
FreeTail Evoke CFast x3700 256GB
Topxcard CFAST 2.0 Professional 256GB
iNassen CFast 2.0 Pro 256GB
Wise CFast 2.0 3500x 512GB
EgoDisk Pro CFast 512GB
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