Fixstars IRIS Drive 2000GB

Product details


  • Media type
  • Brand Fixstars
  • Series IRIS Drive
  • Capacity 2000GB
  • Product code(s) IRIS-DRIVE
Specifications as provided by the manufacturer, write and read speeds are advertised maximum speeds - these do not necessarily represent real world speeds.

Price history

Price history in given countries
United States
United Kingdom
Current price $ 500.00 Buy
No price history for this product in Germany.
No price history for this product in United Kingdom.
No price history for this product in France.

Compatible Devices

Listed here are all devices on this site which are partially or fully compatible with these recording media. Meaning that all recording modes will work.

Compatibility notes

Please read the following compatibility notes carefully if you plan to use the Fixstars IRIS Drive 2000GB with the following cameras and/or recording devices!

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