September 25th, 2018

  • Added the Blackmagic URSA Mini SSD Recorder
  • Added new recording media products
  • Updated compatibility for several cameras and recorders
  • Added headers for different types of recording media for cameras/recorders which support more than one type of media
  • Some basic code cleaning
  • Modified some CSS imperfections, still many to go though
  • Improved browser request handling

April 17th, 2018

  • Changed the default behaviour for listing recording media. Now the site will only show prices for one selected country. This was done to dramatically increase performance with the ever growing amount of memory cards.
  • Improved use of cookies, country selection is now stored in a cookie for a length of at most one month (for user experience improvements only).

April 16th, 2018

  • Updated information on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

April 9th, 2018

  • Added the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

September 26th, 2017

  • More retailer records fixed. Several links removed or disabled.
  • Added many user reviews references to several CFast cards.
  • Minor bug fixes

September 25th, 2017

  • Updated the multiple retailer-records, leading to false pricings of 0, whichever currency - those were based on faulty links. Working fine again!
  • Fixed that retail-links marked in the database as inactive are not displayed on the site anymore.
  • Updated a couple of CFast compatibility statusses for the URSA Mini 4K based on the official FAQ
  • Added several new retailer links for several products
  • Minor bug fixes

January 18th, 2017

  • Bugfix
  • Added several new memory cards to the lists, especially of the CFast type
  • New compatibility notes added for certain CFast cards in combination with Blackmagic URSA family series
  • Many new retailer-links added. All of them going through Amazon though
  • Angelbird AVPro CFast memory cards finally available in the USA!
  • Started experimenting with listing multipack offers for Angelbird AVpro & Biwin CFast cards

January 17th, 2017

  • Updated the scanner for use with their new layout
  • Changed the conversion schemes for BiWin prices after they changed their household currency from USD to GBP. Now resulting in more accurate price mentions - even lower!

January 15th, 2017

  • Improved usability of the MediaMonitor on mobile devices.
  • Added new compatibily result for the Canon XC10: Transcend CFX650 Cfast 2.0 256GB
  • Added a couple of new Amazon links on several product, lowering the price severely for some of those.

January 9th, 2017

  • Enabled the displaying of multiple retailers per country
  • Fixed possibility of displaying double dates in price charts
  • Added numerous new products, including several Komputerbay Cfast cards!
  • Improved database efficiency
  • Minor bugfixes

November 9th, 2016

  • Added a new filter option: you have now the ability to hide and/or show discontinued products.

November 8th, 2016

  • Did a big overhaul on the Blackmagic cameras and devices compatibility listings based on the recently released user manuals from BMD themselves.

November 7th, 2016

  • Made major improvements in the back-end of the MediaMonitor. Compatiblity changes and updates can now be applied many times faster.
  • Did a major overhaul on the ARRI cameras compatibility listings. Based on information I got from ARRI support.

October 14th, 2016

October 11th, 2016

  • Fixed the updater for Biwin cards.
  • Implemented a new exchange rate provider, too many problems with the old one.
  • Removed all incorrect entries for Biwin prices

September 25th, 2016

  • Upgraded the price update scanner, more correct automated updates! Which means: more (almost all!) prices are now updated daily.

September 20th, 2016

  • First time run of the new price-fetching module. If a price is not correctly fetched through an API, the MediaMonitor will attempt to get the price from the website itself.
  • Amazon prices are now based on the lowest-price but keeping shipping and handling in mind, so there might be a slight increment in prices here and there.

September 19th, 2016

  • Added basic support for new retailers, other than Amazon
  • Added first non-Amazon retailer for Biwin Cfast cards (1 / 2)

August 18th, 2016

  • Seperated camera's from recorders in the overview
  • Added a lot of Atomos recorders to the support list
  • Small visual improvements and optimalisations

August 17th, 2016

  • Minor display fixes
  • Added several new recording media

August 15th, 2016

  • Added the changelog page
  • Added new 'pages' column to the footer
  • Added a 'support filter' on recording media list pages
  • Added several new recording media and devices; Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K and several Sony devices now supported!
  • Improved sorting options on recording media list pages
  • Minor display improvements
  • Fixed bugs on product details page
  • Fixed the ignoring of prices of discontinued products
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